- International business platform - International business platform

Many businesses mainly deal with - stable and reliable suppliers or buyers. A unique international platform will offer companies of all types, sizes, and business areas space where they can easily choose their suppliers or target customers

The new platform targets companies from and outside of the European Union. It will not only make it possible to find new suppliers but above all to offer products or services in other EU member states or other prospective markets around the world.


Worldwide potential

In the first phase, the platform will be launched as a global project - At the same time, it focuses on selected EU Member States and also selected countries in other parts of the world. It will focus on the following regions and regions in particular:

Technical and team assets

The advantage is the current technical assets of the developers as well as the involvement of professionals and companies across disciplines. Ambassadors will be available in each country to actively link the supply and demand of companies across industries and countries ...


Partner with our unique project

The developers are looking for long-term partners to fund this project, but also partners to help with the further development of the project (content and technology). If you like the project, do not hesitate to contact the provider...


Investment range

  • The first phase 400 - 500,000 Euro
    next phase (expansion to other EU countries and then globally) 1,000,000 Euro

  • Minimum deposit of 10 000 Euro
    optimal investment length is 5 years (by arrangement 3-7 years)


  • The estimated value is 6-8% p.a. of the amount of the investment

Level of risk

  • slight risk
    especially because it is a completely new platform in the business area


The project developer has long-term experience in the field of education, is devoted to the development of selected professions. Thanks to this experience and its own technical assets the project is on good ground.

It also owns the technical assets needed for the project, including:

  • it's own infrastructure
    servers, web system, and know-how

  • technical and business team
    coworkers from the field of business, representatives in selected countries...



Provider contact:
Petr Hamrozi
Hamri Plus s.r.o.

Polni 411, 739 61 Trinec, Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 558 986 499
Mobil: +420 733 139 882 (CZ), +421 915 946 533 (SK)
E-mail: petr.hamrozi(at)

Date of entry

July 19, 2018


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