ERA Benelux

ERA Benelux

ERA Benelux has a wide range of airconditioning compressors, steering racks (left and right hand drive), steering pumps, ignition distributors, driveshafts and CV joints, starters and alternators, brake calipers and EPS steering columns.

All products are thouroughly tested to meet O.E. standards. Severe process controls along with a constant product development make sure the ERA catalogs are complete and up to date.

In a time where everyone tries to save the environment and our natural resources become scarse, ERA offers an excellent opportunity to sell a good product without concessions and to help saving our environment.

ERA remanufactured products are remanufactured with original spare parts.

Why Remanufacturing?

ERA Benelux’ Role

  • 1. Old Core Purchasing
  • 2. Old Core Identification
    Every piece of old core is checked against our Databases

  • 3. Remanufacturing
    The old core is then sent to the remanufacturing facilities
    One Factory, One Product Group
    Remanufacturing to O.E. Specifications
    Using Original Spare Parts

  • 4. Reception Remanufactured Parts
    All remanufactured parts are once again checked against our different databases.
    Thus ensuring the customer receives the right part.

  • 5. Packaging
    Our brand ‘ERA Benelux’
    Customers’ specific packaging, including bar codes.
    Bulk Sales.

  • 6. Transport
    Stock Orders : DSV / Hamann
    Rush Orders : TNT Express

  • 7. Core Management
    Every part (except TheNewLine) is surcharged. Old Core returns are required within 12 months after purchase date.
    After reception and various checks the customers receives a credit note.
    The Old Core is identified, remanufactured and starts a new life.

  • 8. Catalogs
    From 2002 , ERA Benelux doesn’t print catalogs anymore.
    Remanufacturing is an environmental friendly industry.
    Only electronic catalogs, such as our own online catalog, Tecdoc and Aldoc.
    Having implemented a new ERP system in 2013, our next goal is electronic invoicing.
    Since 2005, ERA Benelux has yearly been awarded “Tecdoc Certified Supplier”ensuring customers of the quality of its Catalog Data.


Our services

Our Product Portfolio:

  • Mechanical, Hydraulic and Electric Steering Racks
  • Hydraulic and Electro-Hydraulic Steering Pumps
  • Electric Steering Columns.
  • Air Conditioning Compressors
  • Hydraulic and Electric Brake Calipers.
  • Driveshaft’s.
  • A solid and reliable Partner
  • Personal attention and Technical Knowledge you deserve.
  • Remanufacturing, caring for our Environment.
  • Exceptionally low error statistics through accurate Core Management
  • High availability combined with excellent quality.


Our product groups

  • Steering gears
  • Steering columns



ERA Benelux N.V.
Nijverheidslaan 37
8560 Gullegem

Phone: +32 56439300


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